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The Colorado Springs Golf School is a state of the art golf school designed to teach people not only how to swing the club but also play the game of golf. We take people out on the course during every series of lesson’s. We have lesson’s for all levels of players from the beginner to the advanced. We offer private, group, jr camps and playing lessons. We offer women’s group lesson’s for the beginner, intermediate and advanced players. During the colder months we offer and indoor facility that keeps you swinging all year long. By using video and launch monitor equipment we can design a program just for you.

Use The Correct Grip

There are three grips in golf:
The Baseball
The interlocking
And the overlapping or Vardon grip

The interlocking grip is a very popular grip and used by some
Tour players such as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus just to name a few.
The interlocking grip is where the little finger of the right hand interlocks with the forefinger of the left for right handed golfers.

The overlapping grip is the most popular grip in the world today, it is used by most of the tour players and top amateurs in the world. The overlapping grip is where the little finger of the right hand overlap’s the forefinger of the left.

The baseball grip is recommended for those golfers with weaker hands.

No matter which grip you choose, remember the position of the hands on the club is virtually the same.

The club should run from the pad of the left hand diagonally to the middle of the forefinger. Then you wrap your hand over and let the thumb of the left hand run down the shaft just off center on the right side. With your right hand you will either use the baseball, interlocking or overlapping grip.

Hold the shaft in the fingers of the right hand and wrap your hand over so that the fold between your thumb and palm of your right hand fits over the left thumb. The pressure that you hold the club with should be firm but do not squeeze the club. This will only cause tension.

Problems that can arise from a poor grip can range from a hook or slice, to a shot that goes low and left and never gets in the air, to a high weak shot that goes to the right.

When you get your hands turned too far to the right, where you can see the back of your left hand. This is revered to as a strong grip. This can cause a hook or a shot that flies too low and goes left.